Our Methods & Sustainability

At Scorpion and Toad we think about every aspect of making a product– from our carefully curated ingredients and artisanal vessels, to our effects on our environment.

Let us show you how we consciously do things differently…


Scorpion and Toad products are formulated with the highest quality and care. We start by choosing only the finest ingredients, such as organic oils and freshly dried herbs and flowers. Then, we take our time. In order to preserve the beneficial and medicinal properties of our ingredients, we formulate using slow and ancient methods. We steep our herbs and flowers in oil at low temperatures for days, allowing the ingredients to truly infuse. The result is effective skincare, made with love.


All of our glass vessels are handblown in the United States by expert artisans. With over 20+ years of experience, our glassblowers strive to make each piece both beautifully unique and functional. The vessels are truly works of art, meant to be admired for a lifetime.

Sustainability & Refills

In an effort to create an eco-conscious brand, we have decided to create refills for our vessels that come in environmentally friendly packaging. At the moment, half of our products have recyclable pouch refills and half have biodegradable bottle refills. As we grow, we are hoping and working to make all of the refills biodegradable and eliminate any plastics. Furthermore, in an effort to create less waste from packaging and shipping, we have doubled the size of our products. This means you get twice the amount of product and need to repurchase half as often.